I've been meaning to write to you over these past couple of weeks, things have been a little busy with moving to Jay's new job location. We have finished the three months with you and I cannot tell you how happy we are with the results. It seems like this past week something just clicked and any lingering symptoms have gone away. Jay and I are sleeping the best we have since December and no more peeing at night haha! For a while I never thought I would see the day that Jay would sleep through the night and now he is! We both have more energy than we ever had before and I think stopping coffee has allowed us to realize that we can function without it in the morning and still feel really good. We feel like we have our lives back and our family back and cannot thank you enough for reaching out to us on facebook when you did- truly a Godsend. It seemed like we were on a long road to getting back to feeling like our old selves and, in fact, it was a much shorter road and we feel better than our old selves!

No need to do a final zoom call, I know you are very busy and with all of the questions we asked along the way, I don't want to take up any more of your time. If we can write a review for you or anything at all, please let me know. You have been such a pleasure to work with and your honesty with everything has been so very appreciated. You are so skilled in what you do and we thank you for sharing that with us at a time of despair and feeling helpless. Your help, knowledge and advice has given us our family back and we will forever have you in our hearts.Dianne & Jay Hernandez, RN, BSN

When I started the course with Anders, I was hit hard by many years of stress and adrenal fatigue. The list is long with symptoms, but my primary symptoms were dizziness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, hormonal disorders, memory problems, fog brain, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, sleep problems, mental challenges, and I could go on. I was almost inactive, I could not do much, neither physically nor mentally. Every morning when I was awake I felt run over and the rest of the day continued just like that. I was on sick leave, could not work or be social with other people. The smallest things, made me burn out, physically and mentally. If I went for a walk or went shopping, I was overwhelmed and suffering from various symptoms. So I could not much other than lie on my couch, and even there, I was challenged and felt very bad.

I did not even understand the cause of all my symptoms, and had for that reason, sought out many different therapists, over the last many years and spent a lot of money on getting help, but which never made a difference, and most often all my symptoms worsened. Therefore, I could not see a way out of my condition that was disabling for my life, and my condition only got worse with time, no matter what I did of action.

The course has already made a big difference for me. Where before I could do nothing but lie on the couch, I am now more active, I can go for walks and be more social without feeling burnt out, and I am more clear in my head. I have generally gained more well-being and energy.

What I like best about working with Anders is that he has a different approach than I have experienced with others I have been with. My experience is that he gets very involved, and gets very thoroughly acquainted with all aspects of one and the same problem and thereby gets all the way around one's challenges, even the smallest things. He takes his time and you can feel he is engaged and he does that you get motivated and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I would highly recommend Anders to anyone who has similar issues as me, is struggling with stress, or feels burnt out, as his help has made a big difference in my life so far. I have been to many therapists before that, but no one has delved as much into my problems as Anders has, and at the same time be incredibly understanding of what you are struggling with. Other therapists have looked more generally at my issues, and their treatment has been more generalized, which has meant that my challenges have not been met or adapted to me. ~ Mai-Britt Ehmsen

After many years of challenges with chronic pain after pelvic instability in connection with pregnancy, and subsequent hard period of illness among immediate family, my body and mind were at an absolute zero point where even the smallest tasks became unmanageable. Former medical graduates concluded functional disorder and gave referrals to a psychologist or recommendation of "happiness pills" - but have always been a happy girl with courage in life, so did not accept any of the parts.

The meeting with Anders became a game changer for me. After a thorough review of blood tests and a description of my history, Anders returned with a 12-week plan for how I could get my life back. Almost too good to be true, but the plan included supplements, sleep optimization, diet, exercise, mindfulness and more…

After just a few weeks of following Anders' advice, I started sleeping regularly through the night, and have now started going for long walks and doing some physical exercises that I was not able to do before when I simply lacked the surplus and energy for it.

As a person, Anders is extremely pleasant in his way of communicating. One of the best things about Anders is that he connects his great medical knowledge he has about aging, sleep, hormones and more with his coaching course. All the optimization measures can be substantiated with great knowledge about the connection between the body's many functions and mechanisms. There is not yet something he has not been able to answer or help with.

I would recommend the coaching course to anyone who suffers from physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue “adrenal fatigue”, pain, poor sleep, and much more… 

~ Pernille Rosendal Jensen

When I started the coaching with Anders, I had been on sick leave with stress for over 2 years. I had many physical symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, “brain fog”, headache, neck and back pain, I had had a long period of poor sleep and extreme fatigue during the day. There was no help to get from my own doctor, who told me that my blood tests looked fine - even though a couple of results were outside the "normal" But I had it awful!?! I had become more "stressed" over my stress.

It was liberating that someone like Anders, with medical knowledge and personal experience, took responsibility and made a plan for what was to happen. Because I knew I had to change and screw something up - but what? It had been difficult to see through the various advice and ideas I had dusted off in all my desperate searches for "symptoms, help - what am I doing wrong, what can I do" on the web

What probably made the biggest change for me, besides diet and supplements that gave me a good sleep back, and more energy during the day, was the mental aspects of the coaching.

My thoughts about my condition, illness, how do I feel, what do I feel right now. I was finally getting some leeway and getting away from them, which gave me more freedom to be and to heal. I'm not done yet. But as Anders says: You have to keep an eye on the process and not just the goal. If you can move and optimize, just 1% improvement a week will be a lot in one year.

~ Malene Mortesen

"When I visited Anders, I was very ill: exhausted, without energy, and I had been bedridden for more than 1 month with what my doctor called a virus. I had cognitive problems, extreme fatigue, depression, lack of energy, sleep problems, stress, and muscle weakness. My doctor no longer knew what to do.

Today, after a 3-month coaching program, I can say that my life is starting again: my energy level is high, my cognitive difficulties have greatly improved. I have become an 'A-person' who wakes up at 6:00 AM and gets things done. The transition from being a 'B-person' to an 'A-person' has significantly increased my productivity. I feel much healthier, my autoimmune disease has stabilized, I have the energy to do what is necessary, and I have energy for a social life that I didn't have before. And every day, I am learning more about how to manage my energy daily. Most importantly, I have regained hope for improvement and the possibility of having a meaningful life.

At first, I didn't expect significant changes because my doctor couldn't help me. But I was desperate. I also didn't really know what to expect from the program. I simply followed my intuition and dove into it. Anders proposed a program that I initially thought was impossible to achieve: a total transformation, going from a 'B-person' to an 'A-person' after 60 years as a 'B-person.' It involved changes in my diet, treatment with various supplements to revitalize my body internally, as well as mental and physical exercises.

The way I worked with Anders was very effective because despite the massive change I had to go through, everything was introduced in a very coherent manner and in doses where I could keep up and engage myself. In our sessions, I always felt seen and heard, and for the first time in my life, I could experience and understand the importance of having someone like Anders to make the process possible. Anders' empathy and expertise, combined with clear communication, allowed for adjustments to be made in a calm and secure manner, with respect for my individuality and boundaries. His availability gave me confidence to implement the proposed changes, knowing that it was not my project alone but a collaboration with him. I received a lot of support without which these changes would not have been possible.

For the first time, I was able to speak with a competent doctor who saw me as a human being and was willing to investigate my challenges and give me hope for improvement.

Today, I recommend Anders to everyone around me who has health challenges, whatever they may be, and who is seeking help to embark on a healing journey, knowing that they will receive highly competent, personalized, and holistic assistance.

Patricia Maria.