Engaging in bi-weekly coaching sessions with Dr. Kassem is an evolutionary journey toward optimized health. Each session is meticulously designed to delve deep into various facets of health, well-being, and longevity.

Here's a glimpse of the structured 12-week coaching journey

Welcome to the Training & Hormesis Primer 

Begin your transformative journey with a warm welcome from Dr. Kassem, setting the stage for what's to come.

This week will serve as a primer on Hormesis, a central concept in health optimization, explaining how mild stressors can bolster resilience and promote cellular rejuvenation.


Sleep and Hydration 

Delve into the foundations of health - sleep and hydration. Learn personalized strategies to improve sleep quality and understand the impact of proper hydration on overall health. 


Physical Exercise

Kickstart your physical transformation with tailored exercise regimes that align with your current fitness level and health goals.

Throughout the coaching program you'll be getting a specific program that includes targeted strength- and functional training, cardiovascular (Zone 2) exercise & stability, and stretching exercises. 


Nutritional Biochemistry

Explore various dietary types, delve into scientific evidence supporting them, and learn about general principles for energy optimization. Understand macronutrient types, and metabolic health, and get an insight into Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), hormones, and energy metabolism.


Understanding Your Gut Health

Dive deeper into topics such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, and gut microbiome health. Explore the significance of omega fatty acids and the understanding of atherosclerosis. 


Mindset for Health Optimization 

Uncover the 9 Houses of Health, a comprehensive framework touching on various facets of health and well-being. The practice of affirmations and the exploration of Anti-fragility form the bedrock of building a resilient, optimized lifestyle, preparing the psyche for the transformative journey ahead.


Rituals for Health Optimization

Cultivate personalized rituals that echo the rhythm of holistic wellness. The creation of mindful morning, evening, and eating rituals under Dr. Kassem's guidance paves the way for a life imbued with awareness and intentionality.


Meditation & Breathwork

Embark on a meditative journey that promises mental clarity and a reprieve from the stresses of modern life. Techniques like Body Scan, Breath Meditation, and Loving-Kindness Meditation are explored in-depth, forming a sanctuary of peace within. The breathwork segment unveils diverse techniques to harness the power of breath, a gateway to inner tranquility and optimized health.


Light, Heat & Cold Therapy 

Illuminate the path of health optimization with the profound wisdom of light, heat, and cold therapies. The importance of sun and light exposure, the myriad benefits of sauna types, and the invigorating practice of cold therapy are explored under Dr. Kassem's expert guidance.



Journey into the world of detoxification with a primer that sets the stage for a deeper understanding of today's toxic world and the prevalent endocrine disruption.

Delve into detoxification strategies and fasting principles that promise a cleaner, revitalized bodily environment.


Eight Hallmarks of Aging & Reversing Aging

Venture into the realm of aging with a scientific lens, exploring the eight hallmarks of aging including genomic instability, telomere attrition, and more. The exploration of each hallmark unveils the intricacies of aging and the modern-day strategies aimed at reversing or mitigating these processes.


Long Term Perspective

Lay the foundations of a prosperous health future with long-term planning strategies. Avoiding common pitfalls, understanding the importance of biomarker testing, and exploring functional tests and tracking devices are discussed. This segment forms a blueprint for actionable steps, ensuring the sustainability of the health optimization journey, leading to a future where health 3.0 isn’t merely a vision but a lived reality.


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