Normal isn't optimized. Optimized is optimized.

Hello, I'm Dr. Anders Kassem, a fully licensed medical practitioner based in Denmark. However, my journey into medicine wasn't a walk in the park—it's a tale of personal struggle, curiosity, and an unwavering desire to unlock the true potential of the human body. 

As a medical student, I wasn't just burdened by the academic rigors that come with the territory—I also found myself grappling with severe chronic fatigue. The experience was debilitating, with my energy drained to the point where even the most mundane tasks seemed insurmountable. On top of this I was riddled with daily stomach pains and when moving, I felt more like I was in my 80s than in my 20s.

This personal battle became a catalyst for my fascination with enhancing human health, curing chronic disease and all things biohacking.

I was determined to reclaim my energy and well-being. But standard medical advice seemed inadequate and failed to address my condition effectively, despite seeking countless doctor's advice, all I was told was, "You're normal. All your lab tests are normal."

So, I embarked on a journey, delving into thousands of scientific papers and research studies, not just to pass exams, but in search of a solution to my own health challenge. It wasn't long into my research that I found that there's a big difference between "normal" and "optimal".

I also consulted and learned from various experts in dispersed fields of health optimization, doctors, and coaches, but also holistic and alternative medicine avenues such as traditional Chinese medicine that address additional components of human health, applying methods such as herbal therapies and meditation to replenish lost energy and correcting imbalances.

This pursuit wasn't confined to theoretical knowledge—I applied my learnings directly, experimenting with over a thousand supplements, herbs, and biohacking techniques. This decade-long exploration became my personal proving ground, where the theories I learned in medical school met the reality of my own health struggles. 

The insights I gained along the way were transformative—they not only helped me overcome my chronic fatigue but also propelled my cognitive and physical performance to levels I never thought possible. This personal victory sparked an even greater realization: the immense potential for each of us to take control of our health and thrive. 

Now, as the founder of Optimization Consult, my mission extends beyond my own journey — I want to share these valuable insights with you. To guide you through your unique health journey, helping you tap into an extraordinary life unhindered by health constraints. 

With over a decade of biohacking experience at my helm, join me as we navigate this exciting landscape where health meets its true potential. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of what is possible and unveil the optimal version of you.

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