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Founded by Dr. Anders Kassem, Optimization Consult emerged from a growing demand among patients for a more tailored approach to holistic health optimization. This encompasses a thorough consideration of various factors including medical history, family background, genetics, body composition, biomarkers, and beyond.

Armed with precise data customized to each patient's unique situation, Dr. Anders crafts extensive health optimization programs.

These programs are especially advantageous for individuals facing notable health hurdles like chronic fatigue, exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, and metabolic dysregulation.

They are also ideal for discerning individuals aimed at attaining peak performance and functional longevity.

Dr. Anders merges the latest evidence-based medical insights with time-honored wisdom to guide the path toward enhanced well-being and vibrant longevity.


My services

Personalized Health Optimization Protocols

Personalized Health Optimization Protocols

Dr. Anders offers individualized plans tailored to each client’s specific needs. These protocols incorporate advanced lifestyle changes, anti-aging techniques, and hormonal restoration therapies. The objective is to help clients feel rejuvenated, more energetic, and function at their peak, physically and mentally.

Comprehensive Biomarker Analysis & Functional Blood Tests

Comprehensive Biomarker Analysis & Functional Blood Tests

Clients undergo thorough screenings and lab testing to assess a wide range of health parameters, including inflammation markers, hormonal imbalances, antioxidant/mineral status, gut health, and more. The results are then explained in a pre-recorded video, ensuring clients fully understand their current health state and the recommendations provided.

Ongoing Support & Accountability Mechanisms

Ongoing Support & Accountability Mechanisms

Clients benefit from continuous support throughout their health optimization journey. This includes quarterly check-ups, hormone optimization, customized workout and meal plans, access to a community on Discord for mutual support, and direct email and chat-support with Dr. Anders for any questions or concerns related to their personalized protocol. Dr. Anders also offers coaching programs for those looking for added support and oversight. Read more about coaching here.


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